"Hats off to Border7, they have provided expert support and strategy that I have long needed & with great customer service at every step of their process. Border7 was the answer for me." - Ron R., Music Matters Jazz


With over a decade of experience helping hundreds of ecommerce companies transform their businesses by migrating them over to Shopify, or optimizing their existing Shopify store.

Our Team Can Help You:  

  • Establish Goals & Benchmarks  
  • Create a Custom Approach to Achieve Your Goals  
  • Re-Brand Your Business to Better Connect with Customers  
  • Provide an Improved User Experience  
  • Market Your Online Business (SEO, PPC, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Make Tech Work for You Through Custom Solutions & Integrations

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If you have a Shopify store, or are looking to move over to Shopify, and are ready to transform your online business, we can help.  

As Certified Shopify Partners that have been working with hundreds of online businesses for over a decade, we are up to date on newly released funcitonalities and the ins and outs of the Shopify System.  

At Border7, we take a different approach to the traditional bid process that will help you establish where you are now, where you'd like to be, and create a personalized plan to get you there!

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